New version of osrm

The osrm package is an interface between R and the OSRM API. OSRM is a routing service based on OpenStreetMap data.
This package allows computing shortest paths, travel time and travel distance matrices between points.

The osrm package functions are:

  • osrmTable(): travel time and travel distance matrices between points.
  • osrmRoute(): shortest path between two points.
  • osrmTrip(): shortest trip between multiple unordered points.
  • osrmIsochrone(): polygons of isochrones

This package relies on the use of an OSRM server (tested with version 5.22.0 of OSRM).
By default the package uses the OSRM demo server (API usage policy). It is possible to use a different server if you want to make intensive use of the API. You can run your own instance of OSRM following guidelines provided on the OSRM GitHub repository. The simplest solution is the one based on docker containers.

The main change introduced by this update is the support of sf objects as input and output in all functions: using the argument returnclass = "sf" in osrmRoute(), osrmIsochrone() and osrmTrip() allows to output sf objects.

The algorithm for isochrones has been changed to a more robust one that uses isoband package.

In the following example more than 800 shortest paths to the useR2019 conference in Toulouse are displayed:

In the next example isochrones around Toulouse are displayed:

Code for the figures is in this gist.

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