Cartographic Explorations of the OpenStreetMap Database with R

This post exposes some cartographic explorations of the OpenStreetMap (OSM) database with R.
These explorations begin with the downloading and the cleaning of OSM data. Then I propose a set of map visualizations of the spatial distributions of bars and restaurants in Paris. Of course, these examples could be adapted to other spatial contexts and thematics (e.g. pharmacies in Roma, bike parkings in Dublin…).

This reproducible analysis is hosted on GitHub (code + data + walk-through).

The osmdata package from rOpenSci is used to download OSM data.

The cleaning is a rather manual task done thanks to the sf package.

Most of the mapping is done with sf and cartography.

Interactive maps are handled with the leaflet package.

Smoothed maps are computed with spatstat.

mtmx has done the same kind of analyses using a different data source (Sirene database): Bistrographie (in French).

This blog post: What should I have for lunch? by Emma Vestesson.